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Curious about my design process? I would be too!

I design all of my pieces by hand myself. 

For Heirloom Silhouettes and Illustrations..

With my laptop or tablet, and a touch sensitive paintbrush-stylus I illustrate it all. There is no automation in my work; each brush stroke is unique to your image!


I want you to make an informed decision with commissioning artwork, so I've put together some need to know things about the order process.

What to expect in the customization process of illustrations and silhouettes:

  1. Product: Pick out a product and choose your options. For Silhouettes, extra options like text, wreath, color, etc. are included in the price, so customize away knowing the price ahead of time! 
  2. Images: While customizing your product, you will have the choice to 'Upload Image'. If you have your image ready, go ahead and attach the file. Head over to the Image Tips  tab to see what makes a good example photo. If you don't have your photo ready when you are ready to order, you can send it via email later on with your order number. Your order will be processed but not created until we have your image.
  3. Checkout: Place your order, I will receive your customizations and begin designing your personal art!
  4. Proof and Shipping: For Heirloom Silhouettes, after the design is completed, I will email you a proof of the artwork for you to approve. Please approve these within 72 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email with a digital version of the final artwork, and your design will be printed and shipped to you. For Illustrations, once designed, I will send you the final artwork via email and it will also be shipped to you.

Thank you for looking into my shop!

Kristin Fowler

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