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  • Your privacy is important to me. I request only the necessary information to fulfill your order, or correspond with you regarding your order. Your provided information will never be sold. Your provided information will only be shared with a third party in order to fulfill your shipping order. 
  • The intellectual property, website, designs, customization and options for designs, information on this website, Heirloom Silhouettes, Watercolor Silhouettes, Illustrations and uploaded images, etc. on this site are property of Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes and its owner. If anyone infringes on this copyright, legal action will be taken and rights will be enforced. 
  • Products and artworks sold by Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes are intended for personal use. If you wish to use a product or artwork for business purposes, please reach out to Kristin Elizabeth at to purchase a license. Using the products and artwork without a license from Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes violates copyright law.
  • By purchasing products from Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes, you allow us the right to use photos with our products in them. We may use these photos for advertisements, website uploads, social media or more. 
  • You may not make any alterations to products from Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes. In doing so, you would violate copyright law.
  • For errors to the product on the part of Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes, the business will only be liable for the amount the product was purchased for. We are not liable for errors that happen after you have received your product. If your image was damaged in shipping and there is visible packaging damage, please contact us at with photos of the damage to the packaging and product. 
  • Due to the customized nature of all products sold by Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes, refunds and exchanges are not be given.
  • Kristin Elizabeth Keepsakes reserves the right to cancel orders with no refund for these reasons and more: 1. Customer is rude/offensive. 2. Customer has not responded to emails from us. 3. Customer has not uploaded image after two weeks of order date or has not approved a proof after 72 hours. 4. Customer's financial payment was not approved or did not complete.